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Head Planter

Whether your garden is indoor, outdoor, or both, it is an extension of your home's aesthetics, and expresses your individual personality.  The pots and planters you choose reflect these, so how better to express yourself and enhance your home and garden than by choosing and displaying a unique head planter.  They fall into many categories...

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 Head Planter Categories

 cherub head planter

Aurelius head planter 

 Faccia head planters

 African Queen head planter

 Venus head shaped planter







You can add personal uniqueness to your garden with an elegant head planter, or just have fun with a whole grouping or array of whimsical head planters.  It's up to you, your garden's design, and your tastes.

Head planters are distinguished all by themselves in that, percentage-wise among garden pots and planters, you just won't find that many of them.  And you can be sure that your neighbors probably won't have one.  A special head planter in a place of honor in your garden, or even tucked quietly away in a secluded part of your garden, can be a delightful surprise to anyone who stops to enjoy it. 


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